MusicScores! receives no public funding, and so is reliant on private contributions to provide its services.

With donor support, MusicScores!  hopes to be able to expand the program to include all Head Start classes.  You may choose to underwrite one student for a whole year at $200.00, or an entire VPK class for $3000.00.  Or, if you choose, you may donate to the established endowment fund that will make the program sustainable.  Contributions of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by selecting the Donate Now button above or by sending a check made payable to the "Music Foundation/MusicScores!" to:


c/o Music Foundation of Greater Naples

P.O. Box 112383

Naples, FL  34108

Additionally, if you are a music teacher or a musician with a desire to change the lives of pre-schoolers, we need you!

We are also in need of assistance with administrative and clerical work, public relations and development programs, and many other areas.  

We have great interest in sharing information and collaborating with other programs.

Interested in joining us?  Please contact Judy Evans at


Importantly, the MusicScores! curriculum is extremely cost effective.  On average, including necessary supplies, reserves, and teacher and program director costs, the cost per child is less than $200.00 per year when amortized over 10 schools.

Current sponsors


We are thankful for the following organizations who provide ongoing support of MusicScores!:


An Advisory Council composed of accomplished music educators, early childhood educators, musicians, and community members assists MusicScores! with outreach and development.


c/o  Music Foundation of Greater Naples

P.O. Box 112383  ​Naples, FL 34108

Creating Learners through Pre-K Literacy/Violin